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Hello everyone and welcome to Club Mandi, my official blog space. Thank you for dropping by, hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

Some of you may recognize me from quite a while ago (circa 2001-2004). That is when I had my own xxx pay site up under the name of Amanda Faux. That is when I started to do online porn. During that time I became a very well known shemale model and had my pictures appear in several shemale porn sites such as,,,,,,,, and to name a few. I also was an adult video chat hostess working on the iFriends network. A few other things I had was a my own fanclub on the Yahoo (at that time) clubs scene, ran several toplists (Amanda’s Sexy Shemales, Fauxy T-Girls Hot100, Faux’s Fabulous T-Girls), plus my own forum. Due to personal reasons I virtually left the internet in 2004 and everything I had was gone shortly there after.

But you can’t keep a good thing down (or am I a bad thing? Hmmmm *wink*). Lol. Anyways, starting again in 2008 has been a slow yet thought out comeback into the online scene but under the name Mandi Faux. Currently I have a MySpace with over 36,000 friends listed, have my own official website up and running (its a free one) with poems, all sorts of information about me, games, and I once in a while do radio shows and the occasional free PG rated video webcast, and of course some pictures too. Again I do have my own fan club forum up called Forbidden Pink, going to be getting my own online radio station running called Pride FM, do my own music (its not that good but hey it keeps me occupied when I’m not on the web, lol) under the name Lamias Lust, getting my own company going called FauxStars Entertainment, and of course my official blog called Club Mandi, which is the site you’re on. It seems like a lot, but I want to be more famous and then a little bit more famous every day in every area porn and otherwise. As for porn, I’m going to be doing a lot more photos, already back video chat hosting on iFriends, and I do offer escort services too plus taking offers for doing porno videos, music videos, talk shows, mainstream television, dj’ing, public appearances, modeling gigs, stripping, and if it ain’t mentioned just ask me and we’ll go from there. I’m quite open to most things, not a lot can shock me anymore and I’m a pretty much try anything twice kinda girl.

This official blog will be an extension for friends and fans alike to get a better look at me, both personally and professionally. I’m going to be blogging about myself, I mean, why be a celebrity blogger and talk about other people riding on the tails of others success? That isn’t my style, I am a transsexual superstar in my own right so I guess talking about me makes me a celebrity blogger. Haha. But seriously, this is Mandi Faux doing her own blog, I’m not a bot, nor will you see the exact same posts on several other so called “official blogs” talking about the same stuff word for word. You get the real deal, the real person yours truly Miss Mandi Faux and this will be the ONLY place you see these postings (for the personal and professional side of Mandi.) You will see some syndicated news on here, mainly about the gay lesbian transgender community and real news (not gossip) about celebrities that I like personally.

Have a wonderful day … and as the store clerks say “please cum again!” Hahaha.

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