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Hey there everyone. I have been working a lot on this Club the past while, among other various projects and really need to get some things listed. Actually glad to have this place around so I can post in one location. So here it goes.

Updates to Club Mandi

Well the first update with updates to mention is the Live Radio feature. There are listings of stations all over the world, with lots of genres covered too. As of writing I have over 340 stations on here, all free to listen to. If you ever need something different, access to important information from most any country in the world, you can find it right here. I will be adding stations at random, as well as adding them whenever events are occurring that require the information to be as accessible as possible. Yes there are several other places for radio, and one more can never hurt.

Next up is I have added most all my pictures on here too. They are on my official MandiFaux too. I’m really not sure where the best place is for them, so I decided to have them on both locations.

The profile platform on here is also updated to what I think is a better looking one. It’s kind of like having a Facebook style profile, just on here. The private messaging system is also much easier to use. All in all better, improved, more professional looking mini social network.

Other Projects

Pride Aid

Pride Aid is my very own LGBTQ organization, Something I am very proud to do. On there you will find LGBTQ specific news, listings of Pride events happening all over the world, live radio stations that are specific to LGBTQ, plus resources and information to help LGBTQ persons and allies of the LGBT community, links to other organizations and help hotlines for assistance in serious situations. This will be an ongoing ever developing website with updates and additions being added all the time. Please do check the website out by clicking the banner below.


Transmunity is a transgender specific community I have started. It is basically a discussion forum for support and friendship for transgender persons. Discussions for various trans related issues, as well as topics of other interests and supportive natures. This is a support and general community, and is not in any way an “adult oriented” place. There are lots of those “fetish” type boards out there and I plan on keeping Transmunity far away from that, because there are other important issues and needs, and those cannot occur on communities that are “adult only”. So yes, Transmunity is an ALL AGES support community. Feel free to check it out by clicking the banner below, and if you want to, join up. Membership is free. 🙂

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