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Hey all. This isn’t so much of an update. If you have been on here to listen to the stations in the radio directory portion of the site, you will notice that several of the station logos are no longer loading. I am aware of the issue and will be working to correct it shortly. What happened is the developers website, who made the plugin, has been taken down. I am not sure if that is permanent or not. However it is a wake up call to get that part of the site fully independent and get those logos hosted on here, instead of relying on another’s site to be up.

The other thing is, I have a directory (same selection) on another site too. Which brings a question in my head to just make a place that is only a directory of radio stations. That way there is only one to work on, and if all one wants to do is listen to radio without having all the other stuff, then the option is there. I have been debating that for some time now, and I think this little nudge may just be the deciding factor for my next move.

The directory here will be staying on however. Just going to take some time to fix it up and have it back to the way it was. Always something. Stay tuned (no pun intended, ok it was, you know I’m the queen of bad jokes). Will update when all that is complete.

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