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Tolerate Is The New Hate

Even in the age of political correctness, some very political uncorrect things are becoming more “pc” and go by undetected.

Have you ever had a broken or fractured bone? Maybe burned yourself by accident? How about having been stuck in a crowd, public transit or busy line while checking out for example, and was next to someone with a severe cold and they were coughing and or sneezing on you?

How did you cope with these things? Did you want the side effects? The pain you endured in the case of injury? Was it your plan to get coughed and sneezed on?

You got by with things that you wished never happened. You endured the pain, a pain you did not want, did not like, and wished it would just go away. You got through the crowd, either getting to your destination or getting what you went to shop for. But, you didn’t want to be that close to someone with a cold, never wanted to be coughed and sneezed on, all the while being nice you didn’t tell that person to just go away even though you wished they would.

All these things you never wanted, didn’t like, wished would go away have one thing in common. You tolerated them. See, tolerance is something you do to things you don’t have a liking towards, in other words, things you hate. Even the dictionary says so:

Tolerate: to endure or resist the action of without serious side effects or discomfort, exibit physiological tolerance for; to allow to be or be done without prohibition, hindrance or contradiction; to put up with.

Basically straight up and to the point, to tolerate is just the politically correct way to say one hates, kind of like a diet hate.

Now after reading the facts, and how that word was used before the days of being all “pc”, do you honestly think that “yeah we tolerate homosexuals” is really the right thing to be saying? Read that statement again and think about it. What does it really say to you?

It’s time to stop closeted haters. Quit saying you tolerate, because it’s really not that much better.

“We accept homosexuals”

Now that is how it is supposed to be. Get it right people and quit masking your indirect hatred behind a false politically correct term that by definition is not exactly a pc thing to say towards a group of people.

Why? Because I will not “tolerate” hate … even if it’s made up to be all sweet sugar coated language, it still is what it is.

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